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Ethan Bill was born in 1986 and raised in a family that was highly potent in musical lifestyle and career.  Ethan’s father had already been the busiest guitar player in the New York ares.  As well as his grandfather who was first chair trumpet in the New York Phil Harmonic.  “I am not sure which came first, liking the drums or trumpet, ” he said.  Turns out Ethan turned out to have a passion for music. And over the years, he picked up a little bit of everything. Guitar then later piano and electric bass. No matter how many instruments he was playing at the time, Drums was always his main priority for being a musician.  When Ethan was still very young, his father started a recording business and built a studio right inside the house he was living in.

  It wasn’t long before Ethan was able in maneuver around all the equipment.  It was a good experience.He was able to record his own stuff which lead to all the practice that came combined.  He already his own local rock client base coming in and out of the studio at 17.  Soon to be touring on the road with one of his own rock bands for the next 2 years.  After touring, Ethan spent a lot of time working closely to find talent.  He would turn them upside down and push them to follow the path into success of popular music.  It was this kind of hard work and cooperation that led to putting the name “Ethan Bill” on the map.  Ethan still plays and with everybody.  Recorded for a lot of great bands and artists of our time.

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